There has been a political improvement in the periodization | Según the annual information on Reporteros Sin Fronteras published on the day of the liberal prensa

Desde Roma

Este viernes, en el Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensaproclamado por las Naciones Unidas in 1993, the international organization Reporteros sin Fronteras (RSF) publishes the 2024 global information that does just that “the freedom of prensa is promoted by the mismos we guarantee: political authorization” de cada país. There are some indications that the studio has title Classification Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa analyze to draw our conclusions (political context, marco legal, contexto económico, contexto sociocultural en seguridad) “the political indicator is more developed in 2024, with a value of 7.6 points,” said the informant. You can clarify that one of these indications calculates a result between 0 and 100 that you have the situation of your country. As you get more points, you can gain more freedom.

And to learn this kind of thing, there is a series of experts in the field of freedom of time as periodists, researchers, university professors and defenders of human people among people. View a comprehensive description of 24 idioms that are sometimes experts in 180 pages. The results are presented on the mainland and on land and can be a landsgool before the publication of the information about the country, only by a battle or the professionals who make an attack, at RSF. Originally from Paris, RSF has 134 correspondents around the world and offices on several continents.

That means a freedom from prensa

The definition of freedom that reporters have at Fronteras is fine. “The freedom of prensa is the positive influence on periodists, as individuals and as a collective, the selection, production and various information, in the general interests, independent political, economic, legal and social interference, and sin to ensure your safety física y mentally”.

“A number of credible gobiernos and political authorities have fallen of a paper that guarantees a marco for the periodism and for the ciudadian life with reliable, independent and multiple information”, including informing the breath as “a deteriorating concern of the apoyo and the respeto of the autonomy of the medium term, as an aumento of the presiones that will make the Estonians and other political actors disappear during that time”. These results have led us to be more concerned today about the global population that will vote in 2024.

You have the certainty that you have achieved the security guarantee for periodistas, while you have not applied for the resolution 2222 of the ONU Protection Council, which has the precise protection of the periodistas. In the struggle in Gaza, since the RSF, since October 2023 when the conflict began, there have been more than 100 Palestinian reporters more than ever. Por Palestine is one of those people in the world in a closed area to the prensa.


It informs you about the “critical scenarios” that are happening in Latin America “I yield to the autoproclamados of the freedom of prensa and the plurality of mediocre people, like Javier Milei in Argentina, while he acts in a symbolic way and worries about the mayor’s agency for the notice of the country”dico el texto.

“Many people have a control over more social media and Internet: limiting access, blocking messages and reading messages with informative information (…) Other forms of political food production and reducing periodistas, insults, credits and amenazándolos . Others, the control of the management of the Mediterranean environment, can often lead to public middle class or to collaborate with private private business through an application for part of the business life”, and the e-studio. This is a sentence The informant who informs the Italian guy of Giorgia Meloni is that a representative of his party intends to use the second instance of the país agency.

The situation in las Americas

“In the American region, the impossible story of history concerns a criminal organization, the corruption or the mediocre environment, which allows my representatives to act, It’s a big problem”, specifically in the text. I think that on this continent “the political preference is becoming more and more independent and independent of the periodists” and “the political interests are increasing, which stigmatize the periodists in the medium term of communication in our discourse. While the information campaign, the abuse of the judiciary and the propaganda culture lead to the unmasking of the prensa and favors polarization” in Central America and South America.

Be informed about this Estados Unidos we are preparing the 2024 elections for a climax “Confidence has been created that we are getting mediocre food for the hostile policies of the political leaders.” There are no records of algunos using a city’s security services and records of mediocre alguns editorials and periodic “forma abuse.”

On the escalation of the países the freedom of prensa begins, The first Latin American countries came from Costa Rica at number 26, Uruguay at 51 and Chile at 52. Argentina already 66, Brazil already 82, Paraguay already 115, Colombia already 119, Mexico already 121, Bolivia already 124, Peru already 125, Venezuela already 156, Nicaragua already 163 and Cuba already 168.

The information being shared now in Argentina is that, “a situation that deals specifically with the issue of the president of Javier Milei, while the posture has the periodic effect on pluralism”. The situation in Perú has deteriorated since RSF, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti and Mexico “the country is at war with the number of mayors who have died in the last decades of the last century” (72) .

The reports from Chile have been honored with the “voluntary commitment of the government to strengthen the freedom of prensa to create a greater power” and from Brazil that this is I became president on the fact that “progress has been achieved in the normalization of relations with the prensa”, unlike Jair Bolsonaro.

The restaurant of the world

These countries offer the freedom of the economy to concentrate the main power in the European Union (UE). Our first countries in the world are the freedom of the prensa in Noruega, Dinamarca, Suecia, Países Bajos, Finlandia, Estonia, Portugal and Ireland respectively. Alemania is number 10, Francia is 21, Reino Unido is 23, España is 30, Italy is 46.

In Europe and Central Asia, censorship of the Mediterranean has intensified, emulating Russian repressive activities in the sea in Bielorrusia, Georgia, Kyrguistán or Azerbaijan. Russia’s influence has expanded in Serbia, causing future communications to spread Russian propaganda and the disappearance of authoritarianism during the period of exile. Russia, Vladimir Putin has waged a war in Ukraine that has a significant impact on the media ecosystem and on the security of the periodicals,” the information said.

In the classification, many other países are thought of violence against periodistas such as African Nigeria, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Sahel, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. In other countries in Senegal, Togo and Zimbabue there is “an instrument of mediocre regulation of organisms (…) to suspend the means of communication when a judicial decision is taken”.

And la region “Asia-Pacífico, there are many more figures on the planet for the profession: Burmania, China, Korea, North Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan”. Ultimately in the eastern and northern regions of Africa, “one of these houses has ended up in a “my grave” situation. Entre ellos los Arabes Arabes Unidos, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Siria and Egypt breathe from Palestine.

The last time the list of 180 countries surveyed is seen, they are being discovered The current situation is a level of freedom and security, including Iran (176), Core del Norte (177), Afghanistan (178), Siria (179) and Eritrea (180).