Officially! 24 selected classifications of Mundial Femenino Sub-20 in Colombia

El Mundial Femenino Sub-20 is one of the last years in Colombia. The choice was made with the prospect of a certain period during the reunion in Zurich, Suiza, on June 25, 2023. By this decision, the current confederation organization has given us respective eliminations to determine the 24 selections that compete in the torneo.

For this edition, the number of participants will be increased from 16 to 24 teams. Conmebol has cuatro cupos, adás del equipo anfitrión, Colombia; UEFA cuenta con cinco equipos, mientras que Oceania, Asia, Africa y de Concacaf tenen cuatro cada uno. The program started on June 5 in Bogotá on June 10.

The countries of the female South African Republic, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Venezuela have put their baggage in the torneo. Colombia, if it is offered, select Grupo A, but you can also make other choices in the sorting.

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For its part, Europe is represented by Austria, which makes its debut in the torneo, under the flag of France, Alemania, Países Bajos and España, the current campsites.

Asia contará contará the presentation of Australia, Japan (subcampeona actual), Corea del Norte and Corea del Sur. Africa makes its debut in Cameroon and Marruecos, between Nigeria and Ghana.

The Concacaf is represented by Unidos countries, an outfit in the region, Mexico, Costa Rica and Canada. In the end, Nueva Zelanda and Fiyi completed 24 skills in their gear. If you play solo, take a look at the groups and the calendar of the parties.