“Un paso fundamental para sacar a Argentina del pantano”

Ultraliberal President Javier Milei has taken the first step to dismantle the country and disrupt its economy

These cases concern the popularity of the Argentine Congress and somehow the ambition of the ultra-derechist president Javier Milei was recovered, while the camera now confirmed the new project, a unique lasting relationship with the original propaedeutic year. No problem – the ratification of the ratification by the Senado in the current situation –, the text allows a mile on the deregulation and dismantling of part of the Argentine Estonia.

The original project lasted approximately 600 articles and would eventually last for more than 200 years. If an embargo allows labor reform, the privatization of companies, the dismantling of public bodies, the change of the pension system or a reform allocations for large reversals that include a tax benefit to regularize black people. The standard may play a special role in the President, who will perform the legislative functions of the function of declaring “public emergencies” in administrative, economic, financial and energy management for a year.”

The energy aspect is remarkable, the breath of the hydrocarbons – Argentina is a product – can improve the reversal of the explosions of the north of the country, so that you get the guarantee of the governors responding to the northern provincial governors.

If tried by Congress, the president will get ratification by the Senate

The part of Milei, La Libertad Avanza, has only 38 escaños in the camerabaja, under the name of Ley Bases and Puntos de Partida for the Libertad of the Argentines, remains with the favorable vote of the mayor of the diputados of the groups that are more The ideological view of the president who is the opponent of Peronism: the Macrista Propuesta Republicana (Pro) and the Unión Cívica Radical (UCR), breathes Peronism more conservatively.

The text appeared overall with 142 votes in favor, 106 against and 5 abstentions. The debate starts in the middle of the month (hora local) and lasts a maratónica session between more than 26 hours that the market is played.

In February, the project in general was proposed by Congress, while it increasingly found itself in the votación por artículos, one of the many attacks of the Milei, with virulent attacks on the diputados who in particular brought back their propuesta contra legisladores no peronistas . In general, the markets are the most satisfied and know that “it is a fundamental basis for Argentina that has enjoyed the last years of its life”, and the lawmakers have assessed that they have reached “the historic moment”.

They privatize companies like Aerolineas Argentinas and have created a centenary state organization

If ratification becomes final, it would allow the privatization of Argentine airline companies, as well as public radio television, or Correos. Miles that hold back many of the diputas are a cambio of no privatization companies like YPF or saving a living organism, which has been destroyed for a hundred years. Entre los que se salvan is the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas (Conicet) or the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA); while we know for sure that the National Banco Genetic Datos, which genetic disease risks during the diktat and dealing with the identity of our remains and still today, will preserve for the recovery of the identity of the decades of personas what, you have to do it , firefights by the military.

Meeting for the 9th of May: Ratify the second general meeting against Milei

The Argentine government has declared itself in favor of the day of the Trabajo and sanctioned the convocatoria on May 9, the second half of the wedding, generally against the reports of President Javier Milei. One of the points included in the “omnibus” is the labor reform that, among other countries, more and more of these cases – in other cases, can extend – the period of contract negotiations, a hurdle and the company has indemnification for inability . The end of the mini-pension for the anniversaries is that you no longer have a pension for 30 years. In view of the reform of the tributaria, the norm allows an amnistía to evade budgets and incorporate large capitals, while reducing the basis of the rental debt, which means that you can earn more than 1,900 euros even if that you will receive the warnings back.

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