Heartache as authorities confirm discovery of slain Australian surfers in Mexico

“All lines of inquiry are currently open. We cannot rule anything out until we find them.”

The story of two Australian surfers and their American friend, who went missing during a surfing trip to Baja California, took an awkward turn today as authorities say they have found their tents abandoned on the beach, along with other “evidence.”

Three people have been arrested so far in connection with the disappearance as answers are still sought.

Brothers Jake and Callum Robinson traveled south of the border with Jack Carter Rhoad to enjoy a small swell near Ensenada. After failing to check into their accommodation in Rosarito, alarm bells started ringing.

Brothers Jake and Callum Robinson
Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson

Initially, a woman was arrested for allegedly having the brother’s phone and drugs. Later, the burned-out shell of the truck was discovered on a farm near Ensenada, leading to the arrest of two men. One of them had ‘a relationship’ with the woman.

Andrade Ramírez, chief prosecutor of the state, shared with local news“A working team (of investigators) is at the site where they were last seen, where tents and other evidence have been found that could be linked to these three people we are investigating. There is a lot of important information that we cannot make public. We don’t know what condition they are in,” she added. “All lines of inquiry are currently open. We can’t rule anything out until we find them.”

The unfolding drama continues to spotlight the growing antitrust unrest in the region. Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a stern warning to all foreigners in Mexico.