Exposing Francisco Kaminski with a fact that he did a complete humillado for the rest of Chile


La polemica entre Francisco Kaminski and Carla Jara can’t breathe. Now, the topic of the conversation is the statement that the conductor heard a comment on his ex-husband, and the decision that life is invited through Brazil, the infidel has described.

Francisco Kaminski Make sure it goes to the media and makes a big fuss in the “Sigueme” panel, more TV series. Allí, Daniela Aránguiz, Daniella Campos and the conductor Julia Vial have become known as a “verdadera vergüenza” that the conductor has these minimal details.

Francisco Kaminski. Fuente: (Google).

In the final episode of the cycle, the conductors debate the topic and consider whether the presenter will hear the time frame of this story there is no specific characteristic of the unbeliever if you participate, it is worth starting your life for 11 years.

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Las burlas hacia Francisco Kaminski

Is this a concern? It’s an image. Because the media teleseryes deal with most hotel vouchers. There is a verdadera vergüenza”, see the figures of the round on the comments on Francisco Kaminski.

“Es una verdadera vergüenza”.

As the final debate took place, Michael Roldán provided more commentary on the presentations he confirmed Francisco KaminskiIn the entrepreneurial story seen in Chile, he confesses that he lives a romance with Camila Andrade, with his life with Carla Jara. If you have ever experienced a secret of your voice, there may be great outrage on the panel of the “Sigueme”.

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