Fonseca takes a journey to his tropical roots with his new album – news

In ‘Tropicalia’ the singer-songwriter explores the musical influences that make up his sound.

Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca, eight-time Latin Grammy® winner, releases his new album Tropicalia, a special production that pays tribute to his tropical roots and influences, which have inspired his career and are at the same time part of his sound. (Watch video)

The new single “Con Dinero y Sin Dinero” is Grupo Niche’s only collaboration in its history. Under the musical production of José Aguirre, director of the orchestra, this song was recorded in Cali, Valle del Cauca, and highlights the authentic sound of Colombian salsa typical of the group.

The dynamic production presents 11 songs and collaborations with great artists from Latin American music, such as Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Chucho Valdés, Alex Cuba and Grupo Niche, who accompany Fonseca on this journey through the world of tropical music. Now available on all music platforms.

“Tropicalia is my interpretation of our tropical essence, of our Latin essence. We are a mixture of cultures, sounds, accents and therefore a mixture of our own tropicalism,” says Fonseca.

“Our Latin music is so eclectic, so rich and so diverse that it seems impossible to conceive of an album with a homogeneous sound,” adds the musician. And in Tropicalia every song is a world apart, the songs are each recorded and produced in a different way, with engineers of different nationalities, and also

musicians and composers from Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The album brings together an impressive mix of tropical sounds, from a patio lagenato party with the song “Canto a la Vida”, to a merengue, such as “Pedacito de Playa”, which was produced entirely in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with local musicians, such as Janina Rosado from the famous group 4:40 on piano and her husband “Chocolate”, on the drum and the Dominican güira.

“Qué Suerte Tenerte” was written by Fonseca with singer-songwriter Elena Rose; a melody that takes the artist to the depths of his own sound. And how can we not have Tropicalia within that world, a ranchero melody, a genre that Fonseca finds so unique and that he likes to sing. “La Terquedad” is also part of this album and features production from Ricardo Torres along with his traditional Mariachi.