La pesadilla de Leicy Santos en Atlético de Madrid: “Tenía estrés, carga”

Leicy Santos dejará at Atlético Madrid has lost his time with Spanish cuisine and converts one of his figures – credit Javi Colmenero/EFE

The figures of the selection of Colombia in recent years, the mayor has played the international football, especially in Europe, to play the greatest footballers of the planet, integrating the great reconocimiento that offers the opportunity to grow in their career .

Leicy Santos is one of the main cafeterias of the sports club that will see much of the arrival at Atlético Madrid in 2019 reveal that the last part of your cycle has been reached through a series of difficulties in the last periods that the provocation effects appear in your salud.

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The selection of Colombia in particular that the decision to play in Unidos sea is greater for his deportative career, while it continues with the moment of the Tricolor, which can face the recourse of Yoreli Rincón, wants him to vetada continues 2018.

No idea that the exigencia of football in Spain is not only the limit of the part of deportiva, in particular a club that immerses in the Atlético de Madrid, that goes to the life in the ibérico país and adapts to another culture . For Leicy Santos, he represents several important years in his life.

And an investigation with the revision Relevola atacante del Aleti reveal that the previous moments have decided the club’s decision to solve the biggest complications of his cycling race in Madrid, because it is not the case that he has done so; It is difficult to make a decision and the question is whether you can take more care of your family and your family.

“You can’t see that this will cause many problems. One of my desperate decisions is another decision. It’s an intense time, there’s a lot of stuff, a lot of freight and all the guys”, dijo la atacante de 27 years old in Spanish.

En cinco temporadas con el Atlético de Madrid, Leicy Santos marcó 38 goles – credito Atlético de Madrid

It is explained that the next step in your career is defined with the most personal personalities of your circle: “Get with my gente cercana, go to my agent and luego mi pareja, porque vivo con ella, pero las nexts son mis padres. You are a friend of the frenzy and my greatest friend, Isabella Echeverri”.

Finally, the atacante del Atlético de Madrid, which has reached the end of the season in June 2024, accepts that “no easy decision is made, but it is certain that it is correct for me, for my future and for my crecimiento a nivel portivo and personal ”, confirmed by the statement of the Washington Spirit of the United States.

Leicy Santos has cut a figure in Estonian Unidos football, which faces a multi-league competition – credit Carl Recine/REUTERS

The selection of women in Colombia is in the full preparation phase for participation in the Olympic Games of Paris 2024. Therefore, Angelo Marsiglia, its technical director, shares the details of the program Deportes sin Tapujos during the preparation process and its safe operation, including various changes in the plant disease and lesions, through the recoveries of Catalina Pérez and Ana María Guzmán.

Ángelo Marsiglia looks at his Olympic rivalry, recovering from injuries and removing a veto in Colombia’s female squad – credit Carl Recine/REUTERS

Marsiglia’s strategy for our group rivals —Francia, Canada and Nueva Zelanda— is based on the analysis of previous years and the exploration of the evolution of the current equipment. When we experienced a career in France and achieved mixed results against Nueva Zelanda, the adventure has entered the first phase, with a rejuvenation outfit that includes an emerging talent such as Linda Caicedo and Gabriela Rodríguez.

Marsiglia has left out the topic of Colombian justice, saying that vetoes do not exist in the equipment and that many Colombian judges have the possibility of meeting. Since the generation of the recambio does not exclude the experiments, especially under Yoreli Rincón and Natalia Gaitán, the lamellas can be used in the necessary case. This is a way to maintain a solid base of experience, complementing new talent, starting with excluding international clients.