Several dead in landslides after heavy rains in Haiti

aAuthorities have confirmed that at least 12 people have died as a result of torrential rains that drenched Cap-Haïtien for days and caused widespread flooding and landslides.

The Cap-Haïtien Municipal Commission, in expressing its “deep sadness” and condolences to the families of the dead, said that in one case, at least eleven people were killed in Labori, a slum not far from Barrière Bouteille, by a landslide who destroyed life. three houses.

It said rescue teams and residents continue to search through the mud and rubble and that another person was killed in another landslide in Rival.

“The municipality calls on residents to remain vigilant and follow the safety instructions of the civil protection authorities and recommends avoiding all unnecessary travel in areas with a high risk of landslides,” the municipality said.

The municipal committee said it is fully mobilized to assist those affected and coordinate relief efforts and continues to work with the various emergency services and local organizations to overcome this tragedy.