The Sub-20 female squad has been given a historic classification in the world

From the age of 12, the Argentine youth selection becomes increasingly important.

Often, the fact is that it is a party, and that is a threesome. This is the case of 1-1 that the Argentine female Sub-20 selection, which with the 1-1 before Colombia, in the Sudamericano of the category, has taken over the classification of the Colombian world.

The result is a backlash for the dirigidas by Christian MeloniYes, read the “cafeteras” for a while and wait 26 minutes, thank you very much Gabriela Rodriguez. Pero a los 17′ of the second half, Verónica AcunaWith great personal experience the 1-1 can definitely end.

Now that the final has been reached, the situation is tense that you will receive a penalty for Colombia; Like an embargo, at a moment of VAR, the march of life, for life in Argentina, that consumes four people’s time, and sells them as their classification.

As a result, Argentina has received a point in the hexagonal final against South Africa, which is contested in Ecuador, which is inalcanzable for Peru, which is ultimately the last lugar, and which is one of the classifications for the world title which will be contested August 31 to September 22. This is the case in Colombia, that the country where you live is classified as a success. The story concerns Argentina’s history, which has been disputed since 2012.

The Argentine futsal discussion is the first match in Tucumán

While the football selection in Argentina is the basis for the football confederation of the Confederación Argentina de Futsal – Fútbol de Salón, the concentration is in Tucumán, in order to be able to prepare the football world for seventh, and also take the first step check the local selection.

Bajo el mando del DT Armando Corvalán, 15 jugadores están concentrando en la albergue José Salmoiraghi, ubicado en San Andrés, en entrenando, tanto por las mañanas como por las tardes, en La Usina Cultural (Marco Avellaneda 1043), que sede del Before you make this choice, this friend is the defending champion in the Argentina squad.

The party starts at 9:30 PM and entry is free. Before 8:30 PM the activity starts with a friend among the selected women, the amarillo and the green color.

Entre los 15 integrantes del plantel del combinado albiceleste, hay tres tucumanos: el arquero Augusto Riosel pivot point Esteban Cordoba y el ala-pivot Rodrigo Sanchez. Además, the post Juan José Carrillo, the recent global C20 campus, has started with the selected mayor for a few minutes. Y también hay un tucumano en el cuerpo técnico: Maximilian Chamut.

The combination of albicele, global champions in the odds (1994 and 2019) of the global organization of the Futsal Asociación Mundial de Futsal (AMF, ex Fifusa), and contest a new edition of a September certification in Bucaramanga, Colombia.