Godoy Cruz became a jubilee of Sarmiento de Junín

Godoy Cruz de Mendoza begins writing at the beginning of time League Professional of Argentine football that you will encounter in the following periods. El Tomba busca a jugador de Sarmiento de Junin.

Mira También: Cuando juegan Independiente Rivadavia y Godoy Cruz

The first rival Será Barracas Central at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium to visit an independent Rivadavia at the Bautista Gargantini stadium.

Godoy Cruz was received at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in the Barracas-día-domingo on May 12 at 3:30 p.m.

Además, the Expreso ya se mueve in the mercado de pases de la Liga Profesional and has received a carpet from a jugador of Sarmiento de Junín.

See the extreme of David Gallardo informing colleagues from Buenos Aires that he is in Mendoza and that the Tomba compares part of his life.

Our performance in the 2024 season and the match between the champions in the Copa of the League and one of the Copa Argentina. Moreover, the club goes to market in previous years.

Tomba’s match program in the Liga Profesional

  • F1: Barracas Central (L)
  • F2: Independent Rivadavia (F)
  • F3: San Lorenzo (L)
  • F4: Estudiantes (F)
  • F5: Rosario Central (L)
  • F6: Racing (F)
  • F7: River (L)
  • F8: Belgrano (F)
  • F9: Argentinians (L)
  • F10: Tiger (F)
  • F11: Deportivo Riestra (L)
  • F12: Lanus (F)
  • F13: Central Cordoba (L)
  • F14: Sarmiento (L)
  • F15: Union (F)
  • F16: Huracan (L)
  • F17: Gimnasia LP (V)
  • F18: Newells (L)
  • F19: Independent (F)
  • F20: Atlético Tucumán (L)
  • F21: Boca Juniors (F)
  • F22: Talleres (L)
  • F23: Platense (V)
  • F24: Velez (L)
  • F25: Defensa and Justicia (F)
  • F26: Banfield (L)
  • F27: Institute (V)

The merchandise

La Liga Profesional in Argentine football starts on May 10, a week after the final of the Copa of the League. The embargo on the trade market is increasingly that it is special that the mismo comes in the first years of June. The conclusion is that the new campsite is confronted with the greatest competencies.

This market will last for a period of three months, from June 1 to August 31. The fact is that the tornado lasts a period of 5 months before the start of the American Copa, which will be contested in Unidos states on June 20 on July 14.

Breathe, the Liga Profesional tends to start during the whole season and the last program he started 15 days ago.