La UNTREF reconstructs 3 instruments from Argentina’s prehistory – Desde the Conocimiento

Tomas Jellinek and Emilia Sosa Cacace, director of the Innovation Center of Companies and Organizations of the National University of Febrero, present research and soloists on automotive instruments from the reconstruction of three instruments from Argentina’s prehistory.

Is this a research project?

Emilia Sosa Cacace : Forma parte del trabajo thesis of maestría and musical creation that it is realized that it has become an artistic academic model that the orchestra has developed and that the maestros Alejandro Iglesias Ross and Susana Ferreres have come to the university to recover the legacy the new cultural cultures of the continent and can access all the knowledge that these instruments have in the National Public University of Argentina.

¿Qué es lo que hacen?

Emilia Sosa Cacace-There is a rearrangement of these instruments of Patagonia in Alaska and part of this trabajo venimos puts forward a grand arena, which deals with the innovation laboratory that collaborates with Tomás and the equipment of these parts New researches in the museums of La Plata and in the Tilcara Museum there are information that does not have much to do with escaneo photograms in 3D and with many trabajamos in the 3D edition of these instruments.

Is it what you do in this project?

Tomas Jellinek-This project is a huge increase in the research equipment that occurs in the university that asks you to research and investigate. There are too few problems with a solution and you can generate a set of technological capabilities in the laboratory that authorizes this project, not in this laboratory. Equipping with digital manufacturing technology for 3D printing, the use of CNC and these equipment and personnel capabilities for use and solution solutions.

Is it one of the main problems that arise when you realize this?

Emilia Sosa Cacace-A huge progress is being made in research projects realized with the orchestra and the fact that there is an experimental platform for the bow music, that there is no imprimimos whatsoever for the instrument of its external morphology, as it may be that it is a pieza casi transparent or semi-transparent. He impreso with its internal structure, is a first step. a tubo connection and a second connection with digital openings.