The EEUU petition in Colombia has announced a rupture in relations with Israel – El Venezolano News

(May 3, 2024. El Venezolano).- A portavoz from Gobierno from EE.UU. le pidio a Colombia if you receive the diplomatic relations with Israel, you can recognize the local prensa.

And an account of Noticias Caracol of pasado jueves, If a fragment of the confirmations is shared that have a portavoz from the Estonian department, this is not a new revelation.

“Colombia has solid relations with Israel. Instamos are an ongoing dialogue y al restablecimiento de relations diplomaticas entre estos dos socios valiosos”.


Washington is one of its main social partners Suramérica y en Oriente Medio.

Petro’s decision

The response to EE.UU. if you produce the misfashion of Colombia, Luis Gilberto Murillo informs about the announcement of the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, about the last miercoles.

También el pasado jueves —informó la Cancillería colombiana este viernes— el embajador israelí en Bogotá, Gali DaganThe receipt of the verbal note is the notification of a rupture in diplomatic relations and the manifesto that carries out consular activities in Bogotá and Tel Aviv.

For Bogotá, says Murillo, “the relationship with Israel is a new scenario” that allows Colombia “no estar en silencio”, “protestar de forma fierce” and “the manifesto is exposed in the form of the Gobierno of Israel and the war is waged.”

From October pasado, Petro-caliphate of the genocide of the Hebrew states against the civilizations It is always possible that relations with Israel are linked to the anti-Semitic calification and the proclamation of Hamas.

During this moment, the ‘impasses’ of Israel with its mayor alias in America Latina in the United States have begun, while the President of Colombia repeated the diploma of diplomatic affairs with the Hebrew Gobier who does not cumplía with the all the fuego aprobado por the Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas.

Chronology of tensions

As of October 2023, Petro was a genocide las operaciones militares del Estado hebreo contra la población palestina en la Franja de Gaza, Diplomatic tensions began between the governmental countries, which were sometimes alias principals in the themes of the seguridade, commercial, military cooperation and arms industry of Tel Aviv in Colombia.

Part of this first impression was made by the presidency of Israel, which California has in Petro the antisemitic, robust diplomatic relations are increasingly common between statements and mutual acusaciones.

On November 1, consult the embajadora colombiana in Israel, Margarita Eliana Manjarrez Herrerato analyze the position of your Gobierno in the marco of the Israeli state.

Enero de este año, the country of the United States announced our response with a presentation of South Africa against Israel at the Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ).

A few times later, in February, the Colombian meeting of the Cancillería on the Day before us comments against an overly functional government and inform the arms comparison with Israel.

And halfway through the intercambios Bogota and Tel Aviv, During the march finale, Petro promoted romper relations with Israel without the solution of the Council for the Seguridad de ONU on the fire.