Watch Wendy Guevara’s role in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ in Colombia (VIDEO)

Wendy Guevara It is best to know about the world of the arenas, the influencer and Madonna’s invitation está en la “Casa de los famosos Colombia”, listen to the fact that you can find another name in Mexico and your Aztec lords.

There are rumors that Wendy Guevara has created a “house of the Famosos Colombia”, the emotions of the fans, taking into account the fact that the origin of Guanajuato is one of the biggest things that Mexico has exported on the continent.

It is not clear that Wendy Guevara confirmed the report and also included the details of her establishment in the Colombian house.

“¿Is there an entrance fee to La Casa de los Famosos Colombia? ¿A qué vamos a Colombia? And then you can say, when you go to the La Casa de los Famosos Colombia, hermanas,” said Wendy emocionada.

For the happiness of her fans, Wendy Guevara has become a member of the “Casa de los famosos Colombia” and has gone viral in the videos of her trinity that has become more famous in the country that met Gabriel García Márquez.

In the clips that can be presented as the production of reality by Wendy, who feels in her own home, it cannot be the mayor of León, Guanajuato.

And just as the Mexican city encroaches on the more famous Colombian domicile, one of the inquilinos of the lugar world may no longer have a clue about the influencer who is visiting.

In the clips that you liberate, Wendy can be platicar with her colleagues of the exittos who have passed their salida of the Mexican reality, because she is invited by the mismisima Madonna to compare the scenario with her.