Has Sabrá Diana Mondino ended up in the OCDE, no soplaire en hacer-botellas?

Since the voluntary part of the task to achieve the ultimate goal can be achieved, this may become a reality.

Colombia and Costa Rica

The Organization for the Cooperation and the Desarrollo Economic (OCDE) evaluates the international life that people can involve in the organization.

Since the school systems (Pisa), studios on the alcohol consumption of the young, extensive blacklist of fiscal parasitics, desigualdades and expectations of crecimiento.

As Colombia and Costa Rica are evaluated while the bus is part of the international entity, conclusions are drawn that are good for integration.

The organism realizes “research intended for public policy” admit your directores y “no seminars or political discussions”.

The OCDE has done its right to counter private property rights, which propose correlations and other pagadas in this context, including the political constitutional state that defends fiscal justice, because countries such as Colombia and Costa Rica want to organize an orientation reform organization along these lines. Por lo tanto Argentina does not have to be an exception.


Before applying for the grand puerta of the OCDE, there are conditions

Nothing coincides with the order of the OCDE

If you give your opinion about the fact that in 2014 and 2015 the organization of the whole world published all the universities in the whole world The guard an article of opinion contrary to the test which destroys articles of use and use.

“No party (the OCDE) can repent of fines and mediocre education in the world”and vez de la ONU o la Unicef, lamentaron.

Tampoco is one of the most likely international trade cases against fraud and tax optimization. “The process is a session” a favor from the rich countries, which was helped by Manon Aubry, from the ONG Oxfam France.

“Los países en desarrollo does not apply to the negotiation activities, and you will know that you are not on the mesa, on the plato”. Agree

Valdría says about the details that the French agency AFP has taken over and Diana Mondino’s husband has informed that it is not “soplar and hacer botellas”.

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