Buju Banton returns to the United States after fifteen years

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News America, MIAMI, FL, Fri. May 3, 2024: “God is good,” declared veteran dancehall DJ Buju Banton, who is now back in the United States after more than fifteen years.

Buju Banton, l. with DJ Khalid in Miami. (IG Live screen recording/DJ Khalid)

The singer, whose real name is Mark Myrie, stated: “God is amazing. I want to send love to all the people out there. Love to my fans. The Gargamel is back.”

He was introduced by an excited DJ Khaled from his hometown in Miami on an Instagram Live. Khaled said he “couldn’t keep this news to myself.”

“I’m in Miami… Buju Banton is back in America,” Khaled said as Buju came into view. “Buju Banton has not been to the United States of America for over fifteen years.”

An enthusiastic Buju added: “Greetings my people, it has been a long time since I have not seen you. It’s been a long time since these feet haven’t walked these shores. Let’s turn on the music.”

“This is a party. We have lunch and celebrate with the Banton,” said DJ Khaled. “Shoutout to Jamaica and to everyone in Jamaica. Buju Banton is officially in Miami.”

Banton was deported to Jamaica on December 7, 2018, following his release from McRae Correctional Institute Telfair County, Georgia, USA. He was convicted in 2011 and served nearly a decade for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine. It is unclear how Banton obtained a US visa to return to the US. Under US rules, a non-citizen removed for a serious crime would likely have to remain outside the US for 20 years. However, a deportee can apply for a waiver to reenter the US if they have spent at least ten years of a twenty-year ban outside the US.

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