Chile expels 65 Venezuelans through various delitos – DW – 04/05/2024

A total of 65 Venezuelans expelled from Chile are destined four years ago (03.05.2024) to become Caracas infringing on the migration norm, informing the authorities of Gobier Gabriel Boric.

“The people who end up in the current country, or who are irregularly expelled, see a minor of outsiders who live in a nuestro país, but it is a minor who has far too much,” said the director of the Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (SERMIG) de Chile, Luis Eduardo Thayer.

The deported persons, 55 people guilty of intimidation, violence, drug trafficking or incendiary weapons; another 10 deportations are carried out administratively by a person undergoing a journey without habilitation.

“Trabajamos has more effect on deportation procedures and increases the country’s capacity,” like Thayer, and it is necessary that “mayoral faculties for the police and the National Migration Service” are needed.

More than 400 deportations in a few months

During 2024, 411 deportations were carried out since the Gobier War, 208 by the administration and 203 by the judiciary.

The judicial expulsion, in particular a communication broadcast by the Chilean Government, is a “pena sustitutiva” for additional persons who can reconcile with minors and must continue to keep a day on the private privat of freedom, who is deported for a while that it tribunal dictated the criminal case and set a square for execution. The SERMIG lawyers participate in the process of the Police of Chile investigation (PDI), “encargada de ubicar and detener a las personas para materialize la expulsion and escoltarlas hacia sus países de origine”.

Colombia, with 155 deportations, and Venezuela, with 146, are nacionalidades with more deportations in Chile in the first months of 2024.

Irregular migration is now a phenomenon in Chile, but in recent years it has become exponentially different. There are 44,000 persons who irregularly underwent clandestine travel in 2023, from the PDI.

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