Grant WOM an empresarial reorganization process

The Superintendencia de Sociedades plans to assist WOM Colombia during a reorganization process.

The mobile telephony in Colombia in September 2023 to save Colombia’s WOM operation needs the amount of $ 400,000 million

Billy Escobar, head of the company, said the company needed an investment of $400,000 million.

The function indicates that a concept of a technology is needed before admitting the applicant, that you have a recognition and that the Chilean brazo is a acogiera on the Ley de Quiebras in EE. UU.

Because the company has a certain certainty that this will not affect its liquidation and operations in Colombia.

WOM has presented a plan to understand the achievements, based on a good idea, to bring assets to the market.

The company started its operations in the Colombian market since 2019 and in recent years its assets have generated a turnover of 21,000 million dollars.

In the media of April, Thor Bjorgolfsson, mayor of the WOM, had a reunion with the Ministry of TIC, Mauricio Lizcano, to find alternatives and solutions before the financial crisis and the liquidation that the company is going through.

“El Gobier continuing the company, the reorganization of business is a mechanism that is of great importance to save the company. It is a process that does not allow you to fall into step with Tigo, which you can save. Since we are engaged in this process, we can do a service to continue selling and trading for a while, while the Ministry of Lizcano works.

Since we had not published information on the ejercicio correspondence in 2023, the results of the company were known before, but we could have a patrimony of $ 79,821 million and have reached a value of 35.72%.

Looking towards 2023, WOM Colombia has gained 5.7 million users and made a promise between 10 and 10 million annual finals. Because it is used more and more, there is no control over the financial balance.

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