Demoledor communication of Argentina against Pedro Sánchez by insinuatingly saying that Milei is going to MiraCorredor

When the minister Óscar asks the Argentine president of the “ingerir sustancias”.

El Gobierno de Argentina has filed a demolition notice against the president of Gobierno español, Pedro Sánchez, by the Ministers of Transport, Óscar Puente, the Argentine President, Javier Milei, al que ha acusado de “ingerir sustancias”.

“The agreement we have received has not happened before in terms of withdrawal or taking of any life support,” The latter is one of the main reasons for the communication and social speeches of the Gobierno Luis Tudanca of the PSOE of Castilla and León in Salamanca.

The office of the Argentine president has sent out a communication to respond to his acusaciones, a text in the case “reject the defamation and injuries formulated by the Ministry of Transport and Movilidad Sostenible de España, Óscar Puente, against Javier Milei”.

«El Gobierno de Pedro Sánchez There are more and more important problems that arise as the corruption cases you can do, if you want you to evaluate your renunciation. When it comes to the Spanish Reino, think that the Judiciary acts with a celeridad to eliminate some of the corruption that directly affects the estabilization of your country and, by consiguiente, the relationship with nuestro país, señala de communication.

«Pedro Sánchez has a peligro-unidad del Reino, pactando con separatistas en llevando a la disolución de España; you may allow illegal immigration abroad against your integrated society; You can be a peligro in the media class with socialist politics treated only by people en muerte’, like the Argentine Gobierno.

«The Argentine elegimos have used the model that caused their misery and decadence. The mismo model that the Partido Socialista Obrero Español applies to its pais. ›Esperamos que el pueblo español pronto vuelva a elegir vivir en libertad», to conclude.