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El Gobierno Argentino If the new salary is at least mandatory, 9% will be increased in April and even 6% in May, after which a solution will be published in the official Bolet, it is not that any of the representatives of bodies and companies will become a problem.

On April 1, the minimum vital salary increased and went to 221,052 Argentinian pesos (US$246 at the official actual cambio), from 202,800 pesos to all the trabajadores that completed the legal world of the year. During the last May 1, an amount of 234,315.12 pesos (US$261) increased.

The Gobierno of Javier Milei has convened the National Consejo of Work to discuss the minimum vital salary and the Argentine movement on April 30, a day before the International Day of Trabajadores, but the parties are not aware of a sharp point , and You can always intercede if you are in February.

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“The representation of the trabajadores is unique in the propuestas“, that’s true “rechazada por el sector representativo de los emmpleadores, motivo por el cual, no hubo consenso”, entonces el Ejectivo se encontró “en la obligación de emitir un laudo”, concludes Trabajo’s secretary.

The meeting has started in the middle of a deteriorating phase of the adquisitivo of the trabajadores, you will notice that the annual inflation over time 287.9% and the first trimester is in it 51.6% against an aumento del 30% in sueldo minimo.

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