Three Bodies Discovered During Search for Missing US and Australian Surfers in Mexico: Report

Three bodies were found near a popular Mexican surfing destination where an American and two Australian tourists vanished. Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, and brothers Callum, 33, and Jake Robinson, 30, were last seen in the province of Baja California while on a surfing vacation in the port city of Ensenada. The trio had been documenting their trip on social media until the posts mysteriously stopped and they failed to arrive at an Airbnb. Investigators suspected foul play after finding abandoned tents in the area that linked the missing surfers and a burnt white pick-up truck similar to the one they were driving.

Mexican police are investigating three individuals in connection to the men’s disappearance, including a 23-year-old woman who was detained with drugs and a cellphone with a wallpaper photo of one of the missing men. The chief prosecutor of Baja California stated that a working team of investigators found evidence at the site where the men were last seen that could be linked to the three people under investigation. While drug cartels are active in the area, all lines of investigation are currently open, and there is a lot of information that cannot be made public at this time.

There is uncertainty regarding the condition of the missing surfers, as the bodies discovered near the surfing destination have not been confirmed to be those of Jack Carter Rhoad and the Robinson brothers. The friends were missing for several days before being reported missing, which complicated the investigation. Debra Robinson, the missing Australians’ mother, made an appeal for help finding her sons, Jake and Callum, on a local Facebook page. Callum, who is diabetic, had been sharing social media posts of their vacation along the Pacific Coast before they vanished.

The men were seen enjoying their vacation at Rosarito Beach, drinking beers, and sampling local food before moving south to Ensenada. Photos on social media showed them wearing wetsuits and the white pick-up truck they were driving. However, they never arrived at the Airbnb they had rented for Saturday. Baja California, where the men disappeared, is known for its violence, although tourist areas like Ensenada are considered safer. The US State Department advises Americans to reconsider travel to the state due to crime and kidnapping.

The Australian Foreign Ministry is working closely with Mexican authorities and the Australian Federal Police to investigate the disappearance of the three men. They are providing support to the family during this distressing time. The investigation into the disappearance and the discovery of the bodies near the surfing destination is ongoing, with details about the evidence found and the potential suspects being closely guarded by investigators. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Jack Carter Rhoad and the Robinson brothers have raised concerns about safety in the region among tourists and authorities.