Argentina sends out a brutal communication against the Spanish government

Viernes, May 3, 2024


El Gobierno Nacional broadcasts a communication that is not rejected by “defamation and injury” a español official against the president Javier Milei and a point against the mandate of España, Pedro Sánchez, a middling escándalo and this país by an indictment against the corruption realized in the first dam, Begoña Gómez.

“La Oficina del Presidente rejects defamation and injury by the Ministry of Transport and Movilidad Sostenible de España, Óscar Puente, against Javier Milei”, apuntó el Gobierno nacional.

You can call on an entrepreneur who “supports” Milei, who provokes the response of part of Gobier during a journey through a community in the red social X.

In the text, the Ejecutivo point is that “The gobier of Pedro Sánchez has more important problems than ours, because the corruption accusations can help us, but also an evaluation of our renunciation”.

And this is: “In the case of the Spanish Reino, think that the justice is active to disappear for a short time of corruption, which directly affects the estabilization of your country, by consiguiente, the relations with nuestro país”.

For other parts, we consider that “Pedro Sánchez is a peligro of the unity of Reino, pactando with separatists and the dissolution of Spain”.