Jornada de oración in Colombia: “Retoñemos con la esperanza de ser los constructores de una nueva sociedad”

The invitation is welcome these four days 03 the mayomonseñor Luis Fernando Rodríguez Velásquez, arzobispo de Caliduring the Eucarist that does that apertura a la Jornada de oración por la paz, convened by the Iglesia colombiana, to pray for reconciliation.

During participation in the ceremony Nuncio Apostolico, Monseñor Paolo RudelliThe management of this institution, which collaborates with the Permanent Secretariat of the Colombian Episcopad, is a union of a national súplica.

This invitation was submitted by Cardinal Luis José Rueda Aparicio, President of the Conferencia Episcopal de Colombia, during the celebration of the feast liturgica of the Exaltación de la Santa Cruz y and el Día Nacional de Oración for la Reconciliación y la Pazinstitute for the year 2017 with the motivation to visit Papa Francisco is this year.

Urgent reconciliation routes

The history of Cali, during its tribute, recorded Bojay’s third massacre on May 2, 2002, bringing the memory of Papa Francisco’s palace to the city of Villavicencio, while the statue of Cristo was mutilated. And this is the feeling that precedes reflection the reality is that Colombian people are facing violence If there is no tregua in the national territory, it is urgent that we will abandon the reconciliation routes and the paz routes.

«Because courage is required to reach the paso of the pazand don’t worry about justice, make repairs and do not repeat the acts of violence that may have been committed, victims and victims, abrazarse, no doubt about the consequences, express your doubts about the consequences of death, reconciliation and peace la cercanía».

Invite a mirror to the crusade. Not a solo who loves the cruz, but who will lead a conversation routen “that we will not get into trouble because we look back on the construction of a new society”. Así tambien, Pidió orar por la conversion de quienes comets crímenes en desastres, and “our yielded to the people, victims and citizens of the community, understand and perdonar the estilo of Jesús”.

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It takes courage to go through time

The prelado acotó que, and tiempos de tanta turbulence, no solo in Colombia sino in the world entero, donde la paz parece «esquiva y lejana, es Cristo el que nos reconforta y lead hacia ese camino». Insisting on the importance of super with love, perdón and respect for the differencesIf you only promote, you can keep alive the brotherhood and the explorations of ‘alles hermanos’, which motivates you to be jornada.

«Because it is necessary to be at home and mujeresof all social, cultural, educational and religious creeds, which pensando in a community, superando de fuerza of our ideologiesSean Capaces de Darlo Todo y Darse plamente a la causa de la Paz. Because courage is required to reach the paso of the pazand don’t worry about it, you just do it, you don’t have to worry about the violent actions you take, victims and victims, abrazarse, you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to express your opinion about your feelings, your reconciliation, your peace la cercanía», expresó.

Our conclusion is that we have gone in through Colombia and the world, so that each person can talk to half a year and artesano de la paz.

A plegaria to improve the divisions

Dicha jornada de oración that it extends over national territory, estuvo enmarcada at the invitation of Santo Padre to life on the Año de la Oración. Moving all the parroquial time periods, collegiate oratorios, universities, religious femeninas and masculinas, seminaries and laicales, we see the exhibition of the holy man and celebrate the Eucaristic celebration of the reconciliation of the land.

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