Fraternization in tourism between Viedma and Cochabamba

Viedma – Patagones 2024
Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

On April 25, in the Argentine city of Santa Fe and within the framework of the 48th SKAL Latin American Congress, the twinning of the clubs of that entity from Cochabamba, in Bolivia, and Viedma-Patagones, from Argentina, was celebrated.

SKAL is the international professional organization that integrates all tourism activities. It consists of managers, executives and journalists specialized in the sector.
The first club of this type was founded in Paris on December 16, 1932 with travel agencies and transport companies.

In 1934 – ninety years ago – the entity spread to several countries and this led to the creation of the AISC (International Association of Skal Clubs), which took place on April 28 of that year. The first president was the Frenchman Florimond Volckaert.

It is important to emphasize that SKAL is the only entity in the world that, by encompassing all tourism sectors, is the main spokesperson and manager of the travel activity.
And so it is recognized at the level of both governments and the various private sectors.
It is part of UN TOURISM – the World Tourism Organization – which belongs to the United Nations and whose general secretariat is located in Madrid.

They participate in the most important world tourism fairs, such as the ITB, in Berlin; FITUR, in Madrid; WTM, in London; WTM, including in Africa and South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
The SKAL of Cochabamba was founded in Bolivia in July 1991. SKAL Viedma Patagones was in turn founded in August 1997. According to parameters established at the international level, twinning between Skalega clubs from different locations is very common, both in the same country and from different countries.

In the case of Cochabamba and Viedma Patagones: There is the unprecedented originality that both cities are already twinned. This came about in September 2008, when the then mayor of Viedma, Jorge Ferreira, and the mayor of Cochabamba, Gonzalo Tercero Rojas They signed the brotherhood agreement in the city of Bolivia.

And this is due to its uniqueness Francisco de Viedma (also spelled Biedma) and Narváez, Spanish sailor, explorer of the Argentine Patagonian coast, were the ones who founded it in 1779 the seat of the Carmen Fortress, which was later founded as the city of Viedma. Francisco de Viedma was later governor of the new municipality of Cochabamba from 1785, city ​​where he died and is currently buried.

From now on, both SKAL entities, in Cochabamba and Viedma-Patagones, in addition to strengthening ties, will be able to make progress in organizing meetings to promote the tourism resources of both destinations, as well as encourage other integrative actions.

It is always appropriate to remember the hymn to friendship, written by the Uruguayan Omar Testa, from the Punta del Este club, who says: “Let us join hands at once, let us look for friendship: health, happiness and a long life, with much love and cordiality, putting our philosophy into practice, sowing peace and brotherhood.”