Venezuela and Peru for a World Cup – Diario La Nación

Venezuelan and Peruvian countries are the most popular classifications of the universal Colombian city: Argentina and Brazil

Guayaquil (Ecuador), May (EFE).- The final of the hexagonal final of the female Sudamericano football under 20 is juves in Brazil as tornado camp and classification for the global category, which in Iran Paraguay plays Argentina, while Venezuela and Peru played their last cup match in the final.

La Canarin has collected 12 points, in contrast to 7 from Paraguay and Colombia, which the Mundial uses to improve its equipment, and 4 from Argentina, perhaps with 3 from Venezuela and with 1 of recent years in Peru.

The Brazilian selection is proclaimed by the history and hegemony of certain countries, which has come to work in all our editions.

La Verdeamarela impuso por 0-2 in Venezuela, against Milena Ferreira and Ana Carolina Chaves, and a party donde, who has played the service for his camp, has taken the decision on the triplets that will compete with the second game .

The fact that Venezuela is obliged to contest the last world cup in Peru, which has only one point, can be classified as the hazaña of ganar in the ultimate situation in Brazil and the Vinotinto pier towards Argentina.

The Peruvian selection has a better chance of the ultimate chance if you can confirm the great chances achieved in Paraguay, that the 2-2 final will ultimately end.

Brazil’s title is a favorite with the 1-1 side in Colombia and Argentina, which is the Albicele value for the certificate for the classification for the Copa del Mundo.

The Colombians are active in the first period, with one of the furious areas of Gabriela Rodríguez, the great goleadora of Colombia in this torneo, but Argentina is alive in the second period with a wave of Verónica Acuña.

The female South American country under 20 years will be contested at the stadium of Alberto Spencer de Guayaquil (Ecuador) and will participate in the world championships, a dispute between August and September in Colombia, with a selection classified for your equipment condition .