Jamaica: One cousin stabs another to death after a dispute

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica: A 23-year-old suspect has been accused of using a sharp object to stab his cousin to death following an altercation between the two. The incident is said to have occurred on April 17, 2024.

The suspect has been identified as Romane Deenwell, alias ‘Chineyman’, resident of Donegal, Brighton parish and the victim has been identified S 22 year old construction worker, Onandi Bell, also called Nandi”, resident of Compton county.


According to the details shared by the officers, both the suspect and the victim got into a heated argument. After their dispute, the suspect, Romane Deenwell, lost his cool and pulled out a sharp instrument which he used to stab his cousin.

Then the victim’s body was transported to the hospital, where the doctors on duty examined him thoroughly and pronounced him dead.

Authorities arrested and charged Deenwell with his cousin’s murder. The reason behind their dispute has not yet been revealed by the officers.

After the incident, the residents of the community flooded the social media with their views and opinions on the crime. They have also expressed their concerns on family disputes that is play a major role in enlargement country’s crime rate.

One person with a Facebook account commented: ‘Very bad sad detail of the incident, why own family members kill each other, they should maintain some peace and harmony and resolve their family disputes verbally.”

Another person commented: “I feel extremely bad for the other cousin, every cousin’s fight but why are they making such a big deal about it and literal taking a life.”


Jamaica’s authorities have also asked residents of the community to resolve their disputes with a calm mind the help of their loved ones. They have that too insured citizens to formulate policies and plans with a vision to curb the increasing criminal activity in the countryto ensure the safety and security of every citizen.