The Jerusalem Institute provides American Jewish students with an education without protests

The Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies announced Friday that in response to the pro-Palestinian protests taking over American campuses, the educational institute will open its programs to current students who want to transfer immediately.

“The nature of the recent demonstrations on campuses has shocked us all,” Rabbi Leon Morris, president of the Pardes Institute, said in a letter to supporters. “The fact that there are some young Jews who have chosen to join these protests is deeply disturbing.”

Previously only open to graduates, Pardes is now changing its policy to support “Jewish learning at a critical time.”

“We do this not only to provide a safe space for students to continue learning, but also because we know the importance of Jewish education in combating ignorance and creating deeper connections to one’s identity,” said Rabbi Morris.

A DEDICATION ceremony takes place for a new Torah scroll to be used in the future home of Pardes. (credit: AVIV NAVEH)

“At Pardes, diving into Jewish text and tradition is a transformative journey… and when our students leave, they are committed to ensuring that Jewish learning is central to their Jewish lives,” Rabbi Morris wrote. “Together we can fight ignorance and foster strong Jewish identities.”

Current students interested in applying for Pardes programs amid the unrest on campus are encouraged to visit for more information.

About Pardes

The Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies describes itself as “an open, inclusive, diverse, and intellectually challenging Jewish learning community based in Jerusalem with programs around the world.”