UFC commentator Jon Anik’s hilarious divorce call on the Brazilian samba girl has fans laughing hysterically

UFC play-by-play commentator Jon Anik previously indicated he could move on to the NFL after bashing Sean Strickland fans. However, the pre-UFC 301 weigh-in video on YouTube has given people reason to believe that the 45-year-old will once again be unrestricted. So much so that he asked for a divorce while spending some quality time with Brazilian samba dancers.

UFC’s Paul Felder, Daniel Cormier and Din Thomas join Anik in the video as they enjoy a game of football. Of course they are playing football. As Dominic Torreto once said: “This is Brazil”. Anyway, all attention was diverted when attractive samba dancers approached them.

Anik was the one who had the most contact with the dancers. But he couldn’t contain his feelings when they told him that they could teach him a few steps of the famous Brazilian samba. Exciting undertaking, of course for everyone involved. However, Anik went one step further.

‘I think I should get a divorce now’

Instagram account ‘Full Violence’. posted the video online, prompting fans to flock to see Anik’s strangely hilarious reaction.

People just couldn’t believe he would say that on camera, to post online, on a platform Ms. Anik frequents. Go figure!

Another fan compared it to the live weigh-in on the show and still admitted that Anik was funnier.

Another comment expressed the need for us to pray for Mr. Anik so that he does not stray from the righteous path.

Another fan predicted a grim homecoming for Anik, which the commenter said is well deserved.

It’s clear that the UFC 301 commentary and analysis team is having a great time in Brazil. But if you thought Anik was the only one with funny bones, here we have the fatherliest man in the world.

Daniel Cormier’s UFC 301 main event isn’t what you think

Dana White and Co. have decorated several UFC PPV cards with two or more title fights in them. Unless it’s a superfight, fights involving a UFC championship draw relatively more attention. However, Cormier’s latest YouTube video revealed that he didn’t see the coveted UFC 301 main event between Alexandre Pantoja and Steve Erceg as the main attraction of the event.

Instead, ‘DC’ revealed that he was much more excited to witness the return of former UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo to the UFC for his final contracted fight. It’s pretty clear that most UFC fans, including ‘DC’, will want to see the ‘King of Rio’ make his final farewell to the octagon with a win at UFC 301.

But before we go, we must go back and pray for Mr. Anik’s health.