The Colombian country cuts ties with Israel amid protests at Columbia University

There is a world of difference between Colombia and Columbia; one is a country that has severed ties with Israel and the other is an Ivy League university in New York that has become the epicenter of controversy over the war between Israel and Hamas.

Gustavo Petro, the president of the country’s Colombia, announced that “diplomatic relations with the State of Israel” would be severed effective Thursday.

This in turn confused many on the Internet, who believed that Columbia University had officially divested or severed ties with Israel after weeks of protests on their campus.

The campus has been “quiet” since Tuesday evening, following the arrest of pro-Palestinian demonstrators by the New York police. Minouche Shafik, president of the university, has asked police to remain on campus through May 17,” USA TODAY reported.

This is what we see online.

Colombia or Colombia? Only one has severed ties with Israel, despite a typo and an error

A number of people on the Internet have expressed their opinions about ‘Columbia’ cutting diplomatic relations with Israel, even though only one entity has done so, and that is Colombia, the South American country.

There are many reports of incorrect information circulating the idea that Columbia University has severed those ties. When that is not the case. There is also a very real possibility that they simply used the wrong word or misspelled the word they wanted to use.

Others use the ‘pun’ to clarify which group did the ‘right’ thing.

Israel has a ‘genocidal’ government, says Colombian president

Petro said Colombia is cutting diplomatic ties with Israel because the country is home to a “genocidal” government and president, according to a recorded statement obtained by Al Jazeera.

“I believe that today all humanity, on the streets and in their millions, agrees with us. And we agree with them. There cannot be times of genocide, they cannot return and they cannot come,” Petro said.

Petro said the extermination of an entire people cannot happen sooner while his nation stands idly by.

“When Palestine dies, humanity dies. And we will not let it die, just like we will not let humanity die,” Petro said.