California Riverside University Students End Pro-Palestinian Camp

The administration of the University of California, Riverside has reached an agreement with student protesters to remove a pro-Palestinian encampment from campus.

On Friday, Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox announced that an agreement had been reached and that the encampment would be peacefully dismantled by midnight.

Under the terms of the agreement, the university will disclose and review its investments and change the approval process for study abroad programs to ensure compliance with its anti-discrimination policies.

“The School of Business has discontinued global programs in Oxford, the US, Cuba, Vietnam, Brazil, China, Egypt, Jordan and Israel,” the agreement underlines.

Wilcox welcomed the peaceful resolution and emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue in resolving such issues.

“It has been my goal to resolve this matter peacefully and I am encouraged by this outcome, which was achieved through constructive dialogue,” he stressed.

He noted that while the agreement does not change the ongoing conflict in Gaza or the need to address anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other prejudices, it does provide an opportunity for constructive and peaceful discussions on these complex issues.

The agreement at University of California Riverside mirrors similar developments at other leading US schools such as Brown, Northwestern and Rutgers.

In recent weeks, demonstrations on American college campuses calling for an end to the conflict in Gaza, with student demonstrators facing police violence and arrests.

Source: AA