Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Maite talks about her upcoming narrative debut

LOS ANGELES: Maite Alberdi, who made history as the first Chilean woman to be nominated for an Oscar with her 2021 documentary “The Mole Agent,” revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that despite her success, she still faces surprising questions about her performance is confronted.

“I just got asked, ‘When are you going to make a movie?’ And it’s like I’m making movies,” Alberdi recently told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview at Xcaret in Riviera Maya, Mexico, ahead of the Platino Awards. “According to these uninformed commentators, it is assumed that documentaries are not ‘real films’. I have already made five films and I will continue to make films.”

Alberdi has always found inspiration in real life because it offers a wealth of material. “Reality is so powerful and so full of stories and experiences that I really don’t need to write anything because everything has already been written,” Alberdi said before the presentation of the Platino Awards, where ‘The Eternal Memory’ won best documentary. price. With her next project, however, she ventures into new territory: the preparation of her narrative feature debut, an adaptation of the book ‘Las Homicidas’ by Alia Trabucco Zeran.

The 2019 book examines the murders committed by four Chilean women and society’s response to the crimes and their perpetrators. Alberdi expressed her excitement about directing the production in a way she has not done in her previous documentaries. “You control everything. You write the script, the actors do what you ask of them and the problems can be solved with money,” she explained. “Everything is so controlled.”