How a Patient Forced Me to Quit My Job as a Healthcare Provider in Canada – Lola Alao

Actress Lola Alao has opened up about how an attack by a patient forced her to quit her job as a caregiver in Canada.

Lola said this in a recent interview with fellow actor Kunle Afod, adding that the incident prompted her to quit her job and open a clothing company.

The Yoruba movie star further urged people to have a certain skill before moving abroad.

“I always advise people who want to move to learn a skill such as fashion design, hairdressing or cooking. Because when I first came to Canada, I had to take a course to become a caregiver. So I went to school for a year and when she was taking care of an elderly person, she slapped me.

“I had washed and dressed her, she had dementia, and then she complained about her earring. So when I went to check on her to see what was wrong, she slapped me hard and I started crying. The nurses in the area came to us after they heard the commotion and that was the day I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore.

“Then I decided to open a boutique and my lounge, LA Lounge, in two places, but later I left the store and started selling from home, but now I plan to buy a new store for my boutique,” she said.

Lola was a flight attendant before delving into acting on the bow prop TV series Ripples.

Since then she has starred in several films including Alaanu Mi, Dokita Alabere’m, Ooi Koko And Gbokogboko.