Index programs for fresh Peruvian avocados offer attractive fixed prices all summer long

Early pledges lock in prizes and payouts for the entire Peruvian season

Corona, Ca – Hass avocados from Peru will be ideal for sale to U.S. consumers in time for the 2024 backyard barbecue season. Customers of Index Fresh, a global avocado marketing and distribution company, can count on the availability of the premium Peruvian harvest throughout the summer, with attractive fixed prices for fruit now secured as part of pre-booked season-long retail and foodservice programs.

“We expect opportunities for a glut of Peruvian avocados entering the U.S. supply chain late this spring and throughout the summer,” said Dalila Rivera, VP Sourcing of Index Fresh. “The timing of the arrival of Peruvian avocados is slightly earlier this year and perfect for filling the rare supply gap in Mexican avocado imports and adding an important and competitive source of fruit for our customers throughout the season.”

Index Fresh will provide consistent supply during the summer months from their three main sourcing destinations – California, Mexico and Peru – which will balance the market and stabilize U.S. supply throughout the summer. The Peruvian fruit will reach its primary harvest starting the last week of May and promotable volumes will arrive in the US throughout the season and into September.

“A consistent, reliable crop of quality fruit from Peru is important this year at this time and will continue to be an important part of the U.S. avocado supply puzzle through the summer months,” Rivera said. “It’s guacamole season and the Peruvian program is bringing a new attractive option to the market to expand consumer choice. Order now encourages steady shipments to U.S. ports at the best available prices.”

Index Fresh’s purchasing and sales teams are actively building programs to meet summer demand. By holding prices, costs become more predictable and volumes are secured at competitive rates that are stable throughout the summer season. To take advantage of Peruvian avocado offerings, contact your Index Fresh representative today.

About Index Fresh:

Index Fresh is a global marketer of avocados sourced from all major global growing regions, including California, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia. Through its commitment to excellent quality, consistency and service, Index Fresh has remained an industry leader for more than 100 years. The company is headquartered in California with offices strategically located in Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois. For more information, visit