Man’s body found floating in Rio Minho

Part of the crowd who gathered at May Pen Bridge in Clarendon after news broke that a man’s body had been found.

CLARENDON, Jamaica – The body of a man was spotted floating in the Rio Minho near the May Pen Bridge sometime after 8 a.m. on Sunday.

A team from the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Clarendon division, recovered the body which was later identified as that of 29-year-old Demar Cole, a resident of Hazard Drive, near May Pen.

“The last time I saw him was Friday evening. He lives with me, but his head is not so good, so he goes and comes. He doesn’t work, but he’s always on the streets, so he comes and goes,” said his mother Sonia Johnson.

“He doesn’t normally go to the river, he can stop and look, but he doesn’t go down there, so I’m still wondering what really happened,” she added.

A team from the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Clarendon division, recovered the body.

She had resigned herself to the reality that instead of celebrating Mother’s Day, she would mourn the loss of her son.

‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. When it’s his time, there’s nothing I can do but mourn. But I still have to thank God because He is the life giver and the life taker. I am sad because it is Mother’s Day and if this is my Mother’s Day gift, I can’t do anything about it, it has already happened,” the grieving woman said.

She said Cole would have celebrated his 30th birthday on May 29.

“God gave him to me this month, and he’s taking him back from me this month,” Johnson said sadly.

She said her son has struggled with mental health issues since 2012, but she doesn’t know anyone wants to hurt him.

Cole’s stepfather Nigel Henry also struggled to cope with the loss.

“Right now my heart is crying because I’m not watching this. We just have to have faith and beg God to make a way. This is Mother’s Day and we should be happy among the family and hear this sad news,” he said.