El Salvador Unveils Bitcoin Treasury Holdings, Totaling Over 5,700 BTC Worth About $360 Million

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El Salvador has taken an important step toward transparency in its Bitcoin adoption journey. El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) has unveiled its Bitcoin treasury holdings.

The ONBTC tweeted:

“El Salvador now has its own mempool space where anyone can view our bitcoin treasury holdings.”

This milestone in proof of reserves shows that El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury holdings currently stand at 5,748.76 BTC, which translates to a staggering value of $360,021,592 in US dollars.

El Salvador BTC Holdings: (Source: bitcoin.gob)
El Salvador BTC Holdings: (Source: bitcoin.gob)

The data further shows that El Salvador has purchased 7 BTC in the last seven days, and 30 BTC in the last 30 days. El Salvador’s pledge to buy 1 BTC daily since November 2022.

Treasury transactions: (Source: bitcoin.gob)Treasury transactions: (Source: bitcoin.gob)
Treasury transactions: (Source: bitcoin.gob)

According to the Nayib Bukele Portfolio tracker, the average dollar cost in El Salvador is roughly $43,097, resulting in an unrealized gain of approximately $57 million.

El Salvador Portfolio Tracker: (Source: Salvador Portfolio Tracker: (Source:
El Salvador Portfolio Tracker: (Source: