Volunteers invited to participate in Labor Day activities

The HEART/NSTA Trust invites volunteers to join their interns and staff in Labor Day projects across Jamaica.

On Thursday, May 23, Labor Day will be celebrated under the theme ‘Ramp up di access…show that you care’, with special attention to people with disabilities, the elderly and the vulnerable.

“We will be building ramps, installing signage, creating accessible parking, installing handrails, improving toilet accessibility and renovation work will be taking place across the island,” advised Dr. Taneisha Ingleton, Chief Executive of HEART/NSTA Trust.

She was addressing the recent launch of Worker’s Week and Labor Day, held at the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport offices in Kingston.

In region one, teams are sent to the Stimulation Plus Child Development Center and Genesis Academy.

For region two, work will be done at Yallahs Primary School, an offsite location of the Randolph Lopez School of Hope, which focuses on students with special needs.

“For Portland we are at Drapers All-Age School and for St.Mary we are at the Port Maria Vocational Training Institute on Stennett Street and Edge Hill School of Special Education. For region three, we are going to the Mustard Seed Community Jacob’s Ladder in Moneague,” she said.

Dr. Ingleton pointed out that the Moneague facility was chosen because it is home to approximately 180 residents with more than 18 different mental and physical disabilities.

Projects will also be carried out at the West Haven Children’s Home in Hanover, the Llandilo School of Special Education in Westmoreland and the Montego Bay Learning Center in StJames, the Woodlawn School of Special Education in Manchester and the Windsor School of Special Education in Clarendon.

“Our trainees, our instructors, our support staff and anyone across Jamaica who would like to participate in these projects, you are very welcome to work with us on the day,” said Dr. Ingleton.

She added that HEART will also carry out minor repairs, provide bedding for hospital wards, murals, pedestrian crossings and perimeter walls.