This is the highlight, the pagoda and the mountain

Details of the Bono of the Economic Economy in Venezuela: Update of the Mountains, the Clave and the Pension for the Middle Sistema Patria.

El Bono de Guerra Economica In May 2024, during the Medina of Nicolás Maduro, to survive the crisis in Venezuela, it would almost be a success in terms of activities, anniversaries and pensions. With a lot of information about the pagoda, its assigned mountains and its receipt of subsidies for the journey through the Patria system.

El Bono de Guerra Economica de mayo de 2024 se acerca. This grant is granted to the Gobier of Nicolás Maduro to three exclusive groups of beneficiaries, part of the strategy to alleviate the consequences of the socio-economic crisis Venezuela.

These are the details of these deposits: If you think you can see your mountain and if you go through the journey, System Patria.

Bono de Guerra in Venezuela: it is the victory, the pago and the mountain.

Bono de Guerra Economic May 2024: this is the pagoda calendar

At this time, the Maduro regime has not confirmed the Pago payments Bono de Guerra Economica. If you put an embargo on previous deposits, then the subsidy will be the reality of the following way:

  • Public comments will be well received on April 15.
  • The public anniversary of the board benefited on April 17.
  • IVSS retirees are very welcome on April 20.

Bono de Guerra de Mayo in Venezuela: De cuánto sería el monto?

Aunque los montos del Bono de Guerra Economica If this is not confirmed, it is always the case that the cifras and bolivars can no longer be combined in previous years. If there is an embargo, consider the continued devaluation of the bol for the dollar Venezuelathis subsidy can reflect new values.

If you continue, your page and official conversion will go to the current BCV tip:

The new years of the good economy of the economy for May 2024 in Venezuela are the following:

  • Public expenditure: Aumento of 2,170 bolivars (59.64 dólares) and 3,278 bolivars (90 dólars).
  • Anniversaries: increase from 2,530 bolivars (69.54 dólares) to 3,315 bolivars (91 dólars).
  • Pensionados del IVSS: Increase of 905 bolivars (24.87 dólares) and 1,183 bolivars (32.5 dólars).

Bono de Guerra and Venezuela: ¿Cómo puedo cobrarlo?

To win dinner in the Patria War by the Bono of Guerra, the following can happen:

  • Start session at the Plataforma Patria.
  • Aim a ‘money’ and select a ‘retiro de fondos’.
  • Choose the original coin, mount and purpose of the fondos.
  • Click on ‘continuar’ and ‘aceptar’.
  • Finally, the system confirms that the operation is closed. List!