Ana Redondo is not an “important ataque” of Milei and has lost the “brotherly relationship” of Spain and Argentina

Ana Redondo in Santander, before taking part in an act during the 145th anniversary of PSOE

The Minister of Igualdad, Ana Redondo, still has an important share in the cross activities of his associate of Fomento, Óscar Puente, and the President of Argentina, Javier Milei, and the later respuestas of the gobiernos de los dos países and has his subrayado in his lugar the “brotherly relationship” that lies between us.

“You are not important. Creo that, realmente, lo importante es la relación fraterna que hay between the pueblo español and the pueblo argentino”, the former Secretariat of the PSOE Member States in Santander participated in an act of the 145 year anniversary.

During the periodic period, reference is made to the general police report about a statement by Puente and Milei and the reactions to the consequences. In this crucial profession, the Argentine mandate has given President Pedro Sánchez “teenage problems such as the corruption actors who can express their support, while they will also include the assessment of their renunciation”, as criticized see the “rotundamente” of La Moncloa .

Since the titular minister of Igualdad has settled in Valladolid and has worked on the other side of the border of this Ayuntamiento area, it is important that the acusaciones are still important and that it is “important that the hermanes of the pueblos” are.

“The Spanish pueblo and the Argentine pueblo are people who have acquired an important historical relationship and these will be used for the entire list of the most,” that is true.

(Habrá reinforcement)