Bonos de Ecuador and Argentina are active in energy and April

Ecuador and Argentina are a competency that is the first part of their países and secondly the lama of ‘riesgo país’. During the last months of the year, Ecuador, the drastic consequences of their loss are felt at more than 1000 points. Pero Argentina would not want to do this.

In Argentina, in Ecuador, the best bonuses of the region have increased, while the international inversionistas have large international returns that can be converted with buenos or inversionistas extras. Pues Ecuador eliminates prices at a record level of 45.5% and Argentina at 36.3%. Argentina won a number of prizes in 1907 and 1215 points.

Según JP Morgan & Chase Co., the Latin American region, has sold its shares in a promedio of 5%, only in Ecuador and Argentina has become a barrera for the accionists and the international mercados who not only have the crisis in the world causes it is a ‘mitigarla’.

Can Argentina and Ecuador enjoy their country more?

Watch the media, start halfway Bloomberg the inversionistas who consider a ‘riesgo’ inversion in Ecuador in Argentina, believe that a large margin is to reduce the riesgo país and that it is attractive to reverse that other regions in the region can invert their estancados this asunto and the reversal can be mayor in a few places in Sur.