Who are Jack and Callum Robinson and Jack Carter Rhoad as missing surfers found dead in Mexico and what is the cause of death

Here’s everything you need to know about Jack and Callum Robinson and Jack Carter Rhoad as the surfers go missing in Mexico and what their cause of death was

Three bodies have reportedly been found in an area of ​​northern Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, where two surfer brothers and their friend went missing after the two were out of contract with their family since Saturday, Reuters reports, citing a source with knowledge of the matter. the research.

Authorities in Mexico have reportedly found a fourth body as part of the investigation, and the discovery of the four bodies was made Friday in a 50-foot-deep well near a cliff in Punta San José in Santo Tomás.

Who are Jack and Callum Robinson and Jack Carter Rhoad as missing surfers are found dead in Ensenada, Mexico and their cause of death

The area is part of the community of Ensenada, just south of the U.S. border, and near a place called the Lighthouse. The fourth body is believed to be that of a ranch owner who was reported missing several weeks ago.

The discovery of the bodies comes amid the search for Perth siblings Jake and Callum Robinson, aged 30 and 33, and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, who traveled to Mexico for a surfing trip. Their cause of death has not yet been revealed.

The three surfers went missing earlier this week, and Baja California officials officially announced their absence in a news release Thursday.

A woman and two men were arrested as persons of interest. The woman was found in possession of one of the Australian surfers’ phones and a bag of drugs, according to the attorney general’s statement Thursday, according to a report on

The reports further stated that the San Diego man’s white pickup truck was discovered and set on fire on Wednesday.

Reports of their disappearance first surfaced on social media. They were on vacation near Ensenada, surfing, when they forgot to check into their agreed upon accommodation.

The men disappeared from an Airbnb in K38, a well-known surf spot in Baja that is much closer to the border; their family only informed authorities of their whereabouts a few days ago.

Baja California Attorney General Maria Elena Andrade Ramírez claims the men’s families lost valuable time in the hunt for them because they did not immediately report them missing.

While the investigation is being conducted by Mexican officials in conjunction with the FBI and the U.S. and Australian consulates, let’s take a look at who these brothers are.

Who are Jack and Callum Robinson?

Jack, a doctor in Perth, and Callum Robinson lacrosse player, are the two brothers who have gone missing while surfing since Saturday with their friend Jack Carter Rhoad, a man from San Diago.

While 33-year-old Callum is older than the two, Jack is 30 years old and from Australia. Jake had come to meet his older brother and spend time with him.

Who are Jack and Callum Robinson’s parents?

Jack and Callum Robinson were born to Debra and Martin Robinson.