US elections 2024: Trump promises to fight ‘anti-white sentiment’ if elected

Former President Donald Trump has committed to combating what he calls “anti-white sentiment” in the United States.

This will likely inspire friends who want to eliminate government and corporate programs designed to combat racism and increase diversity in American life.

Some prominent supporters of the former president, who is now the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, argue that rules designed to protect people of color in classrooms, workplaces and charities should be repurposed to also protect the rights of white people to defend.

Trump’s campaign website lists several plans, and some of his allies are making detailed recommendations if Trump wins back the White House from Democrat Joe Biden in the Nov. 5 election.

One proposal from Trump would reverse Biden’s executive order requiring federal agencies to assess whether underserved communities — including people of color, LGBTQ Americans and rural Americans — have adequate access to their programs.

At campaign rallies, Trump pledged to defund schools that teach critical race theory, an academic concept — rarely taught in public schools — that rests on the premise that racial bias is ingrained in American institutions.

While the Trump campaign has distanced itself from the project, the consortium has drawn up a policy blueprint for a potential Trump administration involving many of the former president’s allies.

In practice, official race-based complaints about anti-white discrimination in the workplace appear to be rare.

Yet a majority of self-identified Trump voters believe white Americans face discrimination.

Trump is making clear that if he wins in November, he will turn his racist record into official government policy, cutting programs that provide economic opportunities to communities of color.