La Pelea de Milei con Sánchez: España has arrested the president’s corruption charges

The Spanish government has abandoned the “end infundados” of presidential communication, while Pedro Sánchez, the president of the Español, has addressed “pobreza en muerte” to his country. Spain’s transport ministry said Javier Milei was on “life support” on television.

“El Gobierno de España has sent out the last infundados of the communications by the Presidency of the Argentine Republic, which has no correspondence with the relations between the countries and the hermanes”, said the lord of the español ministry of Asuntos Exteriores in a means of communication .

En esa linea, España señaló: “El Gobierno en de español-seguirán-manteniendo en fortaleciendo their lazos-fraternales et de relaciones entre friends et collaboración del Argentinian pueblovoluntary participation in the española society”.

The presidential office has dismissed the four people due to the “defamation and personal injury” formulations by the Ministry of Transport and Sostenible Movilidad de España, Oscar Puente, against Javier Milei. “

Pedro Sánchez’s gobierno has a bigger problem than that, Since the corruption cases can help us, because we also want to include an evaluation of our renunciation, the record is included directly in violation of the español mandate.

Además des Argentina sostuvieron que “por el bien” del Reino de España esperan que the “Justice acts with celeridad to declare a short period of corruption that directly affects the estabilization of your country y, por consiguiente, las relaciones” with Argentina.

Pedro Sánchez is a peligro of the unit of Reino, pactando with separatistas and levvando a la disolucion de España; you may allow illegal immigration abroad against your integrated society; You can be a peligro in the media class with socialist politics treated only by people en muerte”, summarizing the text published in the red social X.

For other reasons, the American people think that the Argentinians are using “the model that is their misery and decadence.” And I say: “The mismo model that the Partido Socialista Obrero Español applies to its país. Esperamos que el pueblo español pronto vuelva a elgir vivir en libertad”.


The official communication issue is published in a coloquio on communication and social speech in Salamanca, which is a mile on the television with “maintenance money”.

“If you have an opinion, it is an escuela and the conclusion that the sea will be useful if you do not. No pasa nada. Perhaps it is true that perhaps you will enjoy your life more”, as the español minister and the example of the Argentine president: “Have you seen a Milei, on a tele, and then it is an agreement? Lo de… Cuando salió is a estado en previa a la intake or después de la insta or que sustancias, pero salió a decir aquello de, aquello que dijo, pocos días antes de… You know: ‘It is impossible que gane las elecciones”.