**Dr. Vibert “Issa” White Announces Candidacy for US House of Representatives: Challenging the Status Quo in Florida’s District 10**


**Dr. Vibert “Issa” White Announces Candidacy for US House of Representatives, Florida, District 10**

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**Orlando, FL, May 4, 2024** — Dr. Vibert “Issa” White is set to unveil his vision and present a “State of the District” address to the residents of Florida’s Congressional District 10 as he officially declares his candidacy to challenge Maxwell Frost. Dr. White asserts that Frost’s representation has been aligned with President Biden’s ineffective governance, hindering the progressive development of District 10’s constituents.

The escalating inflation crisis has placed residents in precarious situations, with working-class families struggling to put food on the table and homelessness reaching unprecedented levels, with 20,000 people in Orange County lacking shelter. The unemployment rate among African American and Latino men hovers at 10%, while college graduates face underemployment. Moreover, Dr. White highlights a concerning statistic that 80% of illegal aliens were clandestinely flown into Florida during the Biden-Frost tenure.

Dr. White underscores that promises made to District 10 residents remain undelivered, with Frost covertly supporting Biden’s War in Gaza. Recent polling data reveals that 81% of young voters aged 18-35 disapprove of Frost’s alignment with Biden’s military activities, including the funding of a new US-sponsored base in Gaza, contributing to almost $1 trillion in military expenditure that extends to the Middle East , Ukraine, Taiwan, and proxy wars in The Sudan.

While Frost claims to champion women’s rights, Dr. White critics disregard his for the alarming rate of maternal mortality among African American women in Orange County and across the nation, where Black mothers are dying at three times the rate of non-Black women during childbirth.

Regarding the Haitian Crisis, Dr. White accuses Frost-Biden of double standards, citing the allocation of $400 million to deploy a Kenyan Police Force to Haiti while ignoring the duty of Haitians facing deportation to the Bahamas, Guantanamo Bay (Cuba), and Port au Prince. This disparity has exacerbated tensions and instability in Haiti.

Dr. Issa leads a campaign and movement aimed at empowering District 10 residents, providing them with a genuine voice in the “People’s House,” the United States Congress. He pledges to dismantle policies and rhetoric that have stifled progress for the American people.

The official campaign kick-off and “Address to the Residents of District 10” will take place at 2295 South Hiawassee Road, Suite 309, Orlando, Florida 32835. The event is open to the public and scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 9:30 AM.