Guyana and Jamaica sign MOU for media cooperation

The governments of Guyana and Jamaica on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in media, mass communications and public affairs.

The MoU aims to strengthen partnerships for knowledge sharing and capacity building, recognizing the crucial role that mass communication plays in shaping society.

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy, emphasized the importance of bridging the gaps between the information and communications sectors of the two countries, in line with CARICOM’s integration movement.

“We are fully committed as a country and as a government to forging better relations between sister states of the Caribbean community to achieve cross-sectoral synergy,” McCoy said.

He emphasized the need for innovation to be a cornerstone of media relations and information dissemination, especially in adapting to evolving technologies to ensure effective communication.

“We need to continually work on strategies and methods for how we package and share this information, and this is where this MoU becomes important,” he explained.

The minister further noted: “(We have) a common goal: we want to support our society and establish systems for information flow, dissemination and feedback. We recognize that Jamaica has different ways of doing things, and we could assess that to see which one is likely to be more efficient and could be applied here.

McCoy emphasized the role of media practitioners in conveying information objectively and accurately and pledged that the government will continue to promote initiatives that build capacity in these areas.

The Prime Minister’s Office is taking a targeted approach to strengthen the communications landscape with a rigorous training program for new and current media practitioners.

McCoy noted that this MoU will open up opportunities for similar initiatives to complement this program.

Meanwhile, Jamaica’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with Responsibility for Information, Robert Nesta Morgan, underscored the challenges posed by misinformation and disinformation within the media community.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation to combat these issues and emphasized that the MoU is a crucial instrument in this regard.

The minister added that the agreement serves to strengthen the relationship between Guyana and Jamaica.

“We do expect that various groups from Guyana and Jamaica will travel back and forth between each other’s countries from time to time to learn.

“I was at the broadcaster’s office and we were very impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes involved,” said the Minister of Information.

Morgan is leading a delegation to Guyana for the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day celebrations, engaging in various activities including panel discussions and tours of media entities.