Militares emboscados clamaron por ayuda durante ataque de las disidencias: “Nos tenen rodeados, nos van a matar”

Audio soldiers in Argelia, Cauca, by the disidencias de las Farc – credit @UltimaHoraCR/X

Three months ago he presented a family in the municipality of Argelia, Cauca, while the national Ejército de Colombia was dealing with the dissidence of the Farc, especially with the front ‘Carlos Patiño’.

This weapon is the result of the capture of some small guerrilla fighters. A su vez, see the accident during the operation during the sale. The conflict between people in rural areas complicates the military struggle and evacuation from the conflagration of order.

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The last time they hear an audio is that the armed military can indulge in eliminating the victims of the proven guerrillas. The reporting makes it clear that the people sold were put into battle by the militants of the Farc dissent.

Disidencias de las Farc emboscan a un group de soldados en Argelia, Cauca, dejando a dos militares muertos in los hechos – credit Chepa Beltran/Europa Press

‘Herrera, nos dejaron morir guevón. Llevamos tres horas de fighte muy duro. Nos dejaron morir”Roll one of the soldiers as they battle the armed forces.

During the struggle against the order of the General of the US Armed Forces, the military struggle was confirmed which produced other hereditary results.

The battalion that was the result of an attack on the history of Bolivia, the National Ejército has given a duro to this guerrilla prisoner of some disidents.

If you impose an embargo, you can arrange helicopter transport to the airport while you make the decision. In the audio broadcast, the military confirmed that solo rodeados were stopped by 150 insurgents in the Estado Mayor Central (EMC) fifteen years ago.

“Meanwhile, the troopers are thrown on a defensive maneuver and come to an attack, putting the position in the lugar that is being stopped,” he says of the military forces El Colombiano.

When you hear an audio clip, say: “¿Puede replegarse hacia dónde está Rodríguez?”.

“Mi coronel (las balas interrumpen) No puedo, no puedo porque no están mandando hacia atrás,” one of the soldiers dice.

Mientras el superior le da indications: “Tírese al hueco, ya, ya. Call up the ignition and tires, ya, ya. Yes mismo”.

The sold moment of the reaction: “My Coronel, no podemos tirarnos al hueco porque nos tenen rodeados por todos los puntos. Si nos tiramos al hueco nos matan a todos”.

Your coronel has been sold: “¿Entonces por donde se puede defender? Evasión y escape, tirese al hueco”.

If the answer to the question is answered, the end of the communication error is sold: “Mi coronel, si me tiro al hueco me matan, me matan. Rodríguez is a copado, everything is copados por todos los puntos”.

Según reportaron las Fuerzas Militares, at 8:30 p.m., on May 3, the military using firearms using helicopters and artillery at the highest level.

15 military soldiers of the National National Army have about 150 guerrillas of the EMC credit of the Tercera Brigade of the National Ejército/X

During the operation, The military forces are fighting four times as a zone is being prepared for a helicopter attack. The quick response to the tropics includes a maniobra defense to fend off insurgent attacks.

The fighters take possession of firearms and form a variety of armaments and materials, indicating the logistical preparation of the group’s armados to storm the gun states. This incident undermines the constant tension in the regions that affects the dissent of the FARC with its influence and capacity of armada attacks.

While the fighters in Argelia are battling the municipality of Toribio, the area of ​​operations proves that it often battles the forces of the armed groups. The situation is dangerous, with reports of air power and the use of artillery by some of the shooting to strengthen your position and ensure security in the region.

Enfrentamientos escalaron in Cauca between the Ejército de Colombia and disidencias de las Farc – credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

This arms conflict can manifest itself in the entire security situation in the Cauca, an area that has its history of the violence of guerrillas and drug smugglers.

The continued presentation and judgment of the Farc dissent in Colombia has taken over the consequences of the conflict in Colombia, in 2016, by the American companies. I know this is a recent experience. The Colombian society and the international community are constantly taking into account the evolution of these acontecimientos, but there are solutions that are on the path for eleven years and guarantee its safety.