The “ejercito” of peces guppy with combating dengue in Colombia disease –

Cali (Colombia), May 4 (EFE)(Images: Ernesto García Jr.)).- In the colombiana city of Cali, in the suroeste del país, there is a certain “ejército” of some guppies ready to luchar la Batalla against dengue, the virus infection that transmits a journey of mosquitoes in ancient Egypt and that has caused miles of human lives in Latin America. This battalion of guppies, a small animal that can last about 5 centimeters, can control the larvae of mosquitoes, which enter the underwater water, “sembrados” in tanques, tins, abandoned pools, decorative fuentes and the water of water. IMÁGENES: RECURSOS DEL LABORATORIO EN DONDE SE REALISAN LAS INVESTIGACIONES. RECURSOS FOR FUMIGACIÓN AGAINST EL DENGUE.

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