Guillermo Francos confirmed that Pedro Sánchez “renounces” the minister who chose Javier Milei

The controversy between Argentina and Spain has now been revived by the Argentine Ministry of the Interior, Guillermo Francoslong term criteria in Spanish, Instando includes the rejection of the Ministry of Transport, Óscar Puente. The origin of the dispute is a statement of the Argentine ruling, Javier Milei, insinuation of your livelihood during an argument. Francos calificó is palabras como “indignant“You are irresponsibly accused of increasing Argentina’s reputation and your relations with Spain.

A small part of the enormous size of an integrated presidential candidate (Pedro) Sánchez, I am really in use“, Francos declared that he was the president who renounced Puente. Además, noting the importance of the relations between both countries, recorded the historical history of Argentina with España.

I am outraged. In particular, you will stand up if you say that I am irresponsible. There is no single interpreter of a country that is important to Argentina by its traditional traditions, because the Spanish descendants live in the current country, while Argentina achieved in Spain over time,” said Francos.

The president of Milei delivers the verdict and repeats the defense he offers Santiago Abascalpart of the ultraderecha VOX in España. Abascal has heard Argentina’s victimization and Argentina’s muted response to the puente cases.

And amid the current diplomatic tension, The Argentine President’s Office sends out a critical communication from abroad for its biggest distraction before corruption cases that affect the estabilization of Spain and ultimately bilateral relations. The declaration of the español court is carried out for the purpose of explaining these issues.

That is Pedro Sánchez’s minister with Javier Milei

El ministro de Transporte de España, Óscar Puente, explains an entrepreneur: “Yo he visto a Milei, en a tele, en según le estaba oyendo, ¿os acordáis? Lo de… Because it is not a case of abandonment or avoidance of subsistence consumptionbut you have to know what you’re saying before you… You say:It is impossible for the elections to take place, it is impossible for a tipo… ¡Hoy ha cavado su fosa!, pues no“.