Have any people ever transformed in Colombia between February and April this century?

In February and April of the year, an appeal is made to people who are transgender in the country, the motivation is that it is a great concern for the defense of the pueblo that this is a bad thing, with the accuracy of the mayor, the margin and violence later in life In the extreme case, the situation is that you are alert to different possibilities for the entire period.

Ellas was Luisa Mome, Paulina Smith Arroyave, Macarena Acuña and Sharon Muñoz Zúñiga, the ultimate things in the Valle del Cauca; Luciana Román and Verónica Dantez, victims of violence in Bogotá; Valentina Barrera Delgado and Nariño y Thaliana Fajardo, a woman intolerant of her life in the department of Tolima.

“If the defense rejects the murders, the consequences are ended and the violence is increased by an exacerbada in violation of this población, that the criminals are made to attack the poblacional group or the person living in the national territory ”, said the Defensor del Pueblo, Carlos Camargo Assis.

The Institute of Human Beings has a group of subordinates and represents the jurisdiction of the victims’ family who can contact the Duplas generations. It is a good idea, through institutional settings, and then the cases, with the offer of lawyers to consider the prevention and attention medios.

Updating LGBTI public policy

During the period of 2023, with the functions of his delegation to the members of the Mujeres and Generals, accompanied 119 cases of violence by prejudice against transgenders, the 47 estuaries that relacionados with barreras in the access to the salud and for 48 years there have been acts of violence by institutional uniforms of the national police.

If the Gobierno gets national awareness that significant progress has been made a year earlier and are acciones to boost the voice of LGBTI, the defender has a lamado: “The Minister of the Interior and the Directorate of LGBTIQ+, advertising the Ministerio de la Igualdad , is cumplirle for the OSIGD citizenship- LGBTI and the updating of public policy LGBTI guarantee their participation in the plan of the disaster, as the life expectancy of 2022”.

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Mesa Nacional de Casos Urgentes

In addition, Camargo helps Gobier’s application to activate the country’s technology in the short term and benefit from the national national case regulations and the national system for LGBTIQ+ participation.

The case has just begun in the first national country of the cases. There is an urgent need for a Home Secretary to review the impact of the misma sector, but no further session can take place.

Using the actual context of critics of violence, it may be that people are giving a presentation and not having a virtual session, showing the space with the technology formulas for their abolition from August 2023 and the publication of the defense of Pueblo.

Seguimiento a public policy

“Tribes of the entities are competent for the cumplimiento of the territorial political parties, which have an effect on the protection of the OSIGD-LGBTI characters in the Cauca Valley, which has been a plan for the war since 2016, in North de Santander , Quindío, in San José del Guaviare, among other departments and citizens, is confronted with public policy but is not implemented through the use of recursos”, and Carlos Camargo Assis.

Situations of a natural nature, which Colombia’s defender notes, increase the vulnerability of transgenic people and limit access to justice.

Lamado a la UNP

In this mode, the Defense calls on the Unidad Nacional de Protección (UNP) to implement the analysis of the Riesgo in accordance with the Riesgo Protocol for the defense and defense of human beings, reducing the response time between the analyzes and the implementation reduced while you can protect the privacy of the members.

“Request all entities to exclude all our actions throughout the world, and that our functions and functions abstain from the natural behavior and the disadvantage of the OSIGD-LGBTI poblacie,” recalls the defender of Pueblo.

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