Class Tour in Panama canceled; Joverlein Moise controversy over stolen song unfolds | WOYYY!!!

ClassTour in Panama was canceled by ZC production team Woyyy!!!

The group Klass is getting better, but that won’t be enough to guarantee the end of their tour in Panama.

Although the group’s condition improves, the fate of the tour hangs in the balance.

ZC Production Team, the tour producer, announced on May 1st the cancellation of the Klass tour scheduled for June 7 and 8. Woyyy! Ticket holders can receive a refund or hold for the rescheduled dates on August 23 and 24.

After giving up three dates in Panama, the ZC Production Team had to come up with three other dates at the last minute for the band’s tour.

In a press release published on Instagram, the company stated that “this decision was not made lightly, citing unforeseen circumstances.”

However, a Haitian Times insider said that the ZC Production Team canceled the Klass tour in Panama because the band does not have a new album. Woyyy! The news quickly caused concern among fans of the band, who have experienced several cancellations in the past.

Joveerlein Moise stole the song”San Boukliye“Woeyyy!

“San Boukliye”, a song attributed to Joverlein Moïse, is the work of Lovinsky Cherilus, a student at Quisqueya University. Woyyy!

A recent buzz on social media surrounding the music video for the song “San Boukliye” has sparked controversy, with Joverlein Moïse initially named as the artist. However, it turns out that the real composer behind the viral song is Cherilus, also known as Lokynohah. Woyyy!

The confusion started last week when videos of “San Boukliye” circulated widely on platforms such as Tiktok, leading many to believe it was Joverlein Moïse’s creation. However, it was Lokynohah who owned the song.

In these widely circulated videos online, a voice can be heard singing alongside images of Joverlein Moïse, leading viewers to believe he was behind the song. However, the real artist, Lokynohah, did not receive due credit. Wow!

Despite the misattribution, Lokynohah sees the situation as a positive turn in his career, acknowledging the fame the controversy has brought him. “This is one of the greatest opportunities I have found in my career,” he stated in an interview with June 7 “Whether it was intentional or not, the fame has allowed many people to discover my talent.”

Although Joverlein Moïse has not addressed the controversy, he continues to promote his debut piece ‘Sa w wè a se sa’ with videos shared on his Facebook page on April 19.