Video: Arturo Reyes and Mele watch Junior’s footage


The entrepreneur and the portero of the equipment are the Apoyo on the Hinchada.

Arturo Reyes and Santiago Mele reported on the juniors
© YouTube / HablaDeportesArturo Reyes and Santiago Mele reported on the juniors

The emotion is heartwarming in the Barranquilla area. On May 4, the Junior Barranquilla went to bat against Millonarios during the first part of the first day of the semi-final of the 2024-1 Cuadrangulares. More than the tactical preparation and the immaculate stadium of Estadio Metropolitano, the lamado on the resuena with fuerza the voices of the director, Arturo Reyes, and the portero, Santiago Mele.

In a recent prensa street, Reyes no dudó and expressar your opinion on a Metropolitano bar roundabout tiburones because it is part of the equipment that the catalog of most entrepreneurs is represented as a kind of party that suits the taste of the junior-junior.

Su lamado fue secundado por el guardameta, Santiago Mele. The equipment equipment is especially useful with the metro, it is more lindo that hay. The portero is sure of what the hints of a estar ahí are, that is what you do with your equipment.

The gentlemen of Reyes and Mele

Santiago Mele (8:57):

“Claramente no longer intends to play with the Metro, and to have confidence in the play-offs that start during the Copa Libertadores 2024, which makes us even more important, as of an estar ahí. In the semester that it is, it is true that the stadium is a little more important”.

Arturo Reyes (6:05):

“Bueno, first it’s all about the enthusiasts who are our guides. Most of the world is a cuadrangular, and millions of dollars are a rival important in Colombia, a big equipment, which is dirigido for a big entrepreneur and with a big name for those in power. During the journey of time it has become apparent that the processes have been carried out like the Millonarios, while all things are good. Many people are confronted with a part that is important because it is a first part of the local circumstances. During the previous semester there were no empezamos and an embargo that culminated in the league. Now we find out that we are a fan of viajar to Lima”.

Junior and the Cuadrangulares of 2024-1

If the child between Junior and Millonarios is not the beginning of youth, this is the most expected gender. Before this match, Pereira and Bucaramanga played the official opening diaphragm of the cuadrangulares. Because the embargo focuses on what we did in Barranquilla, the ‘Tiburón’ bus is used to leave Alberto Gamero’s conductors.

Ventilation openings

At this point, reports indicate that Junior has already sold 20 million people to participate in Millonarios. The time it takes to prepare for battle and equip your equipment for the victoria is a crucial event.

Como llega Millonarios

Millions of people are faced with the intention of repeating the events of the last phase of the first semester, but they are hit in the 3-2 in Bogotá. This victory marked the second trio of the ‘Embajador’ over the ‘Tiburón’ in what was a year ago.