Ecuadorian beauty queen fatally shot; Instagram post leads killers to location

Ecuadorian beauty queen Landy Párraga Goyburo was shot dead in a restaurant during the day. It is said that her post on Instagram led her killers to find her there. Police are investigating and there is speculation that the attack was ordered by the husband of a drug lord with whom she was allegedly involved.

The New York Post says Goyburo was talking to a man in the restaurant. She saw masked attackers enter. A gunman then shot both Goyburo and the man she was talking to. The shooter and another person then quickly left.

According to the outlet, Goyburo competed in the 2022 Miss Ecuador competition, representing the province of Los Rios. She has a sportswear line and has amassed over a million followers on her social media pages.

In December last year, her name was mentioned in a conversation between the deceased drug trafficker Leandro Norero and his accountant Helive Angulo. The attorney general’s office reportedly investigated her finances, but she was never charged with any crime. She has not responded publicly to Norero.

One gunman remained at the entrance while the other ran to Goyburo and shot her and the man she was talking to. Then they both ran away.

Goyburo was shot three times and died.

Investigators found Goyburo’s photos on Norero’s phone, along with evidence that he gave her expensive gifts such as cars, according to The Telegraph newspaper.

In December 2023, she rose to fame after her name was mentioned in a conversation between Norero and his accountant, Helive Angulo, as reported by The New York Post.

During Angulo’s trial in court, prosecutors revealed that the deceased drug trafficker begged the accountant not to tell anyone about his relationship with the beauty queen, saying, “If my wife finds out anything about her, I’m fucked.”

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